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A shared language for healthcare professionals

3 months
Product Designer

Enabling effective communication

Real-world evidence (RWE) is used around the world by healthcare professionals (HCP) as a method of analysing clinical data to improve patient outcomes, but lack of access to shared language and terminology prevented HCP’s from communicating effectively.

QuintilesIMS wanted to create a fast, intuitive, and credible product to establish global definitions, enabling HCP’s to easily find terms instead of wasting valuable time searching disparate sources.


Matching needs and content

Through a range of stakeholder interviews with QuintilesIMS, we built a shared understanding of the problem our users were facing; HCP’s were time poor, knew the term they were looking for, and needed quick reference.

We also conducted a content audit to understand the length and complexity of information we were working with; there were hundreds of terms, but they were relatively short and generally distinct.

We created a range of wireframes to explore information architecture solutions

Familiar mental models

To be successful, the experience needed to be familiar and intuitive, so we leaned heavily into the well established mental model of dictionaries.
We prioritised dynamic real-time search as the key interaction and after several iterations of high-fidelity wireframes we decided to remove pages entirely, streamlining the experience into a single efficient flow.

The entire UI is dedicated to search, with performance being key to the interaction feeling intuitive

Inclusive and accessible

Special attention was paid to make sure the site was visually accessible, with suitably contrasted colours and larger font sizes. Anticipating it would be used on a vast array of devices and screen sizes, it was designed to respond fluidly across breakpoints with reusable components.

We created a style guide to unify the experience and tested it thoroughly with accessibility tools

Dictionaries can be cool

The product was successfully delivered in May, 2015. QuintilesIMS has plans to expand the product to include audio definitions and partner advertising, utilising the approach for other future projects.

No. 1 most comprehensive medical dictionary online used by thousands of people each day.
200 plus definitions as of 2016, with many more being added monthly.